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Eviction Notices

The eviction notice is your foundation for a proper legal eviction. Get it done right with an attorney.


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We make sure you are properly represented and have all your documentation and arguments ready to win your case. One small misstep is costly.


Writ of Possession

A court issued judgment in your favor and the tenant needs to be forcefully removed.


Eviction Attorneys Florida

In Florida, a landlord can terminate a tenancy early and evict a tenant for a number of different reasons, including not paying rent, violating the lease or rental agreement, or committing an illegal act. To terminate the tenancy, the landlord must first give the tenant written notice.

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Eviction Time Frame

In Florida, an uncontested residential eviction can be done in about 14 days (including the three day notice and writ of eviction), if the eviction is based on non payment and tenants fail to deposit monies into the court registry.

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Going to Court

In Florida, a landlord can evict a tenant for a variety of reasons, but the landlord must terminate the tenancy first. … If the tenant does not comply with the written notice, then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit and must go to court to complete an eviction.

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Writ of Possession

A Florida a Judge enters a Final Judgment of Eviction, the Clerk of Court will issue a Writ of Possession that a Sheriff is required to serve on the tenant. The Writ of Possession is a court order directs the Sheriff to execute and give possession back to the Landlord.

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Handling Tenant Property

The landlord can keep, sell, or throw out anything 30 days after the eviction order or the landlord has given notice. If the tenant contacts the landlord within the 30 days and says that they want to pick up their things, the landlord must let the tenant in to pick them up during a reasonable time.

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We offer an approved list of eviction attorneys that successfully handle eviction cases for landlords of residential and commercial properties. Each attorney law firm is solely representing himself/themselves, and has no association with “Local Evictions”, as we are not an attorney law firm.  These are top-rated attorneys in their field of practice in your area. If you do not see an attorney listed in your area please contact us and we’ll reach out to you with an updated approved list of local attorneys.

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