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For the professional personal services by an eviction Attorney in Spring TX Ken will represent you and your investment that will get you the fastest solution to your tenant problems.

Evictions are a legal action and as such you should use an attorney.  We can put a quick stop to the tenant that is not paying the rent or illegally retaining control of your house. We understand the eviction process and will work closely with you to get possession of your property back to your control.  The court system today often favors the tenant, so you really need to be prepared to have ever argument covered.  Plus it helps to know the judges and how their personal prejudices affect the case. 

We handle evictions on a daily basis.  Having a stubborn tenant can sometimes be a legal nightmare but we will swiftly put them in their place by providing for you the best legal eviction service available.

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The eviction process for Spring Texas is as follows:

  1. The tenant must be served with a proper eviction letter.  We will first deliver the proper notice of eviction to your lessee that is occupying your house without having paid the rent or in violation of the terms of the lease.
  2. Once the notification time frame has elapsed, normally this is 3 business days the process to file a Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) lawsuit with the courts to get the tenants in your house properly served for the eviction and appearance in court.
  3. The court will send a Constable to the residence to deliver the notice of action for a trial with a date that they must appear before the Justice of the Peace in their district answer to demand for eviction.
  4. When the court has made a determination at the hearing that your lawsuit is legal and just they will issue a judgment and the tenants must vacate the property within 5 days or appeal the decision.
  5. If successful and the tenant leaves congratulations.  If the tenant appeals read more below on Appeals.  If the tenant decides to stay then you will be required to pursue action with a WRIT of Possession.


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When a Eviction Court Case is Appealed in Spring TX


Every person has a right to an appeal and in the state of Texas when an appeal is started from an eviction the Harris county jurisdictional courts start over as if no previous trial has taken place.  The case is completely started again but this is the last and only appeal that a tenant can make.

  1. All the evidence needs to be presented again in court.
  2. The Judge will hear the case as a new case and no previous trial proceedings are allowed.
  3. Normally the outcome will be the same, but bear in mind every judge has their own prejudices and interpretations.
  4. But as an attorney that has handled eviction cases for years our confidence is extremely high, you are in good hands.


When You Need a WRIT of Possession Spring TX


The WRIT of Possession is when the tenant refuses to leave the property and you force them out. We will deal with all the paperwork and constables to assure that they get out in 5 days of your court win.

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