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Landlords are your tenants behind and rent and you need some help with collecting the back payments or removing the renters from the house?  Our excellent staff of eviction attorneys can help you bring a resolution with the courts to your problem.

Are you behind in your mortgage because you are now making two house payments instead of one?  Our legal firm will get your house back into your hands the quickest possible time that the court allows.  We are a no nonsense group of eviction lawyers to get the job done.

If the tenant always giving you excuse after excuse on why the rent is always late? There is just no time or reason for you the landlord to be dealing with it.  We are here to help you handle the delinquent tenant problems and help you to either get the rent that is owed you with late charges and penalties or just get your property back and on the market to be rented out again.

Let St. Petersburg Evictions Attorneys Do The Work For You

CALL 727-300-1050 and Talk About Your Situation With Your Tenants and Get the Process Started Today.

If your tenant is not paying the rent and you need help in sending the tenant a notice to vacate or you need someone to process the eviction we can help you.

We know that when the tenant is behind in paying the rent you are under a lot of stress because you have house payments to make and a busy life and this was not supposed to be like this.  Your mortgage is due and now the rent is not there to cover it.  We feel your pain and are here to help you, call us at  727-300-1050.

Our offices will notify your tenants by having delivered an “Eviction Notice” and when the tenant receives a notice from our law firm they know that now you are serious and they had better come up with the rent or face eviction and having to move out.  Most tenants do not want an eviction on there records and if they can will come up with the rent, but it happens a lot faster when we get involved.  They cannot play on our sympathies and we keep the emotion out of it, which sometime you just cannot do since you are facing your own stress and the tenant reacts with more stubbornness.  It’s just human nature and a fact of life.

Landlords we can get your house backThe eviction notice will get you a response and if they are going to pay, they will now, so they don’t have to face and eviction.  But if they are just stalling to buy more time and basically free rent to live then we will know right away and you will need to start the eviction process.

Many tenants do pay once they receive the notice from us and then you are back on track to pay your mortgage.  We will help you to get the rent or your house back.

When we go to court using us as your legal team you can reset assured with our experience as attorneys you will be represented properly.

Starting the Eviction Process in St. Petersburg FL

If the tenant refuses to pay or cannot pay the rent and the lease is now broken you will need to make arrangements with the local Justice of the Peace to start the eviction process.  This is an exacting legal process and you need to make sure that everything is recorded correctly and that all the paperwork is submitted completed and the information is verifiable.  There is also the issue of if the tenant is military or not.  You need to provide this to the courts proof that they are not.  Because if the tenant is military there is a whole different set of rules you need to abide by and if they are not you need to have proof of that as well.

So as you can see these are just a few areas of concern that need to be handle correctly otherwise you can lose your case in court or have to reschedule and cause further delays and lose more time and money.

Let us do the entire eviction for you so that you know that it will be handled professionally and correctly.  We will go to court on your behalf and get the tenant out once the court has rendered a judgment in your favor.  We do not guarantee success because much depends on your documentation and proofs that you provide us to support the eviction.  But we will make sure that everything you need is given to us and we will go over all the facts the get you the best possible results for the eviction.

So far our record is excellent and the results are many happy landlords.  There will be less stress for you and we are the ones that have to prepare all the documents and show up to get your house back for you.

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