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Tenant not paying the rent?  Is the renter not answering your phone calls or letters?

Welcome.  Helping you protect your investment is what we are here to do.  Our staff of Eviction Attorneys and Real Estate Professionals can provide for you the eviction services you need to deal with your tenant rental problems.  Evictions for landlords to take the pressure off of you having to deal with all the legal issues when it comes to removing your tenant or demand payment of rent with the consequences of legal action if not done promptly.

Whether you need a highly effective Eviction Notice, representation in court, or the execution of a WRIT of possession to get your house back, we have all the available expertise and resources.

Tampa Florida attorney eviction service is here to help you get results.

Eviction Notice

Tampa Florida Eviction Notices that get results. We have proven time after time that our eviction letters do get results fast. When the tenant understands that they are dealing with a 3rd party eviction service they know you are serious about collecting the rent or getting them out.  Now they understand that it is no longer possible to appeal to your sympathies and kinder heart but an eviction is imminent if they do not pay the rent or move out because they have to deal with us an unknown entity.  Using our service will save you time, money and the problem of dealing with a renter that is just stalling to get more time.  You are losing money and perhaps get behind on your mortgage.  So don’t wait a minute longer, people love the results they get with our eviction letters, let us start the eviction process for you. The Eviction Notice Tampa Florida
Eviction Notice to Vacate

Eviction Court Tampa Florida

When you tenant is not responsive to your request for rent or to leave your property at the end of your lease agreement, you are forced to go to court.  You must file with the courts a petition of eviction (aka Forcible Entry & Detainer Lawsuit ). There are required legal documents that must be filled and fees to pay, before the eviction process is set in motion with a Court date.  Then you will have to attend court will all your documentation to support your eviction case.  We can do all this for you to make sure you have the best chance to successfully evict the tenant.

WRIT of Possession

If the tenant has not moved out after you have won your eviction case or has not appealed to a higher court then you need to do a WRIT of Possession in Tampa FL. Once the correct paper work has been filed with the Constable / Sheriff and fees paid, the officers will deliver a 24 hour to vacate notice. When the officer returns and they are still in the house you will need to provide all the services / bodies to move all the tenants belongings to the curb. You will need at least 3 people and a locksmith as well as be present to suppervise the entire operation. You can do this yourself or allow us to bear this burden and coordinate all the moving parts and get this done for you.

Protecting Your Investment

This is your investment, your supplemental retirement income.  You made a wise decision when you purchased this property, so you absolutely do not want to lose any of the equity you have built up. We are Tampa Evictions, a service offered for landlords to help with problem tenants and minimize the negative cash flow.  We provide eviction services to individual property owners and real estate investors throughout the area with fast, reliable and professional eviction services from start to finish.  Tenant eviction starts with an Eviction Notice, let us begin the process for you today.

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